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Great Conflict Project 2017
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Great Conflict Project 2017
Lession TOPICS
Aug 16th (Weds) Finding Peace with God?
Aug 18th (Fri) How sin originated?
Aug 19th (Sat) Righteousness by faith in Christ alone?
Aug 23rd (Weds) Defeating sin and Satan and living a victorious life.
Aug 25th (Fri) When obedience is as natural as sin was.
Aug 26th (Sat) Baptized into his death and resurrected a new man.
Aug 30th (Weds) Is God’s Law still relevant?
Sept 1st (Fri) What law was hung on the cross?
Sept 2nd (Sat) What day is God’s holy day?
Sept 6th (Weds) Who attempted to change God’s holy day?
Sept 8th (Fri) America in prophecy and the mark of the beast.
Sept 9th (Sat) “Ye are the temple of God.”
Sept 13th (Weds) Is being faithful to God in our giving a good investment?
Sept 15th (Fri) What is the three Angel’s Message. 
Sept 16th (Sat) The remnant church & Spirit of prophecy.
Sept 20th (Weds) Is the Dead Really Dead?
Sept 22nd (Fri) Signs of the times and Jesus’ Second Coming.
Sept 23rd (Sat) Home of the save and the conflict ended.
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